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Do you have a Green Thumb?

Then we have the warmer for you. Green Thumb is the newest #Scentsy warmer to hit UK shores. This charming grass-green #warmer is adorned with a stylized metal sunflower. Keep your home smelling as good as your garden with this safe, attractive and economical wax warmer. Scentsy is such a simple system- all you do is a plug your warmer in, turn it on, and add a cube or two of wax to the dish. The heating element beneath the dish gently melts the wax and releases the fragrance! No wick, no flame, no soot, no hassle!!

Green Thumb even has a corresponding wax to go with it, though you can of course choose your own favourite! Bora Bora Blossom is a balmy combination of succulent island fruits and lush orchid, balanced with a kiss of fresh, green violet leaf. Your home will truly smell like a tropical paradise!

Green Thumb and Bora Bora Blossom can be purchased together for only a few more days at the discounted price of £36.00. Remember, your warmer is protected by the Scentsy 3 year guarantee. You’re not buying a jar candle, you’re getting an original Scentsy warmer.

bora and thumb 10


Downtown Silhouette Warmer


Newest Scentsy Catalogue!

The Spring/Summer 2013 catalogue is amazing! Have a look for yourself!

To arrange your Scentsy party or join my team contact me at zonawickless@gmail.com or visit http://www.zonawickless.scentsy.co.uk

Sunday 23rd September- Bursledon Brickworks

Are you in the South Hampshire area and looking for something to do with the family tomorrow the 23rd? Why not come along to the Bursledon Brickworks American day! I will be there with my family, showing off our newest, gorgeous, Scentsy warmers plus there will be line dancing, a beer tent, free train rides, and face painting. I’ve even heard rumours that the Harley Davidson club may be there!

Definitely  sounds like a great day out for the family!


Come along for a great day out and to learn all about Scentsy Fragrance products!


I have to say that the new warmers in the Scentsy Autumn/Winter 2012 catalogue are beautiful, I’m really pleased that now that Scentsy has a better idea of what the UK market desires, a cull of the original warmers released in the UK has been made in order to offer these stunning designs.

It has been hard to pick a favourite out of this catalogue, Whoot wasn’t my first choice but it has grown on me so much since I first laid eyes on it that now it takes pride of place for me. In fact one of my other favourites is quite different, but just as fabulous. It’s Flare.

Flare Full-Size Scentsy Warmer
A bold burst of colour makes Flare’s classic design pop.

It’s vibrant and elegant- the perfect compliment to many of the colour themes people already use in their home. I’ve posted a few ideas on pinterest for how to incorporate the colour red into your home, around your Flare Scentsy warmer.

You can get your own Flare here, just right for your Autumn decorating, and the right colour to keep around for Christmas as well! Remember, by hosting a qualifying Scentsy home/basket or facebook party, you can get your Flare warmer free! Let me know if you’d like to have a go, parties are easy, fun and portable!


Well, it’s really no secret that I love our new Whoot! warmer! It is lovely and I am so excited about getting it today!!! Whoot is lovely and a bit of a statement warmer, I know lots of people will be wondering how to incorporate it into their current home decor. The secret is to add little touches to connect the rest of your home to your new warmer, without having to make big changes! Have a look at my newest pinterest post to get some great ideas on how to do this.

One of my favorites and a huge part of the newest home decor fashions!

Remember, if you love Whoot as well, you can earn him free, simply by hosting a qualifying Scentsy Party!

If you’d like your own Whoot!- just in time to decorate for Autumn- click here to order direct from my Scentsy website, or contact me to arrange for me to add your order to my next party order and save the shipping cost!

Our best catalogue yet!

We have been so excited about the launch of the new Scentsy Autumn/Winter 2012 catalogue!!  The new warmer designs are gorgeous, the new LED light system is fabulous, and the EU approved on/off switches are a dream come true!! Scentsy has been working hard since launching in the UK in April 2011 to provide the best product possible, while still complying with strict EU regulations. They have done such a great job and the UK warmer style is completely different to the US style! It’s nice to see a company so devoted to constant product improvement!

New detachable cords available in black or white and on/off switches!!

Along with the new warmer designs, Scentsy have also launched a line of luxury body care products here in the UK!  The new Personal Care line is simply amazing!  I love love love my hand cream and have just ordered a shower cream to go with it! The best part is that, as with all Scentsy Luxury products, they are available to everyone and won’t break the bank! Heck, you can even host your own Scentsy party and get them for free!

The new catalogue items became available on 1st September and the response has been huge!!! I’m so so excited to see how strongly Scentsy is taking off here in the UK!!


After 18 months, there are now just over 800 Scentsy Independent Consultants in the whole of the UK. We also have consultants in Germany and as of 1st October, we will be taking orders from customers in 5 new EU countries!!!



We have been given the top sellers list for this first week of the Autumn/Winter catalogue and it is awesome!

Our top selling new warmers are


One of my favorites and a huge part of the newest home decor fashions!







If you’d like to host a party to earn free and 1/2 price products or join my Scentsy team to give yourself a new opportunity and a bit of extra cash- just let me know at zonawickless@gmail.com! Or request to join my Customer only Scensty page on facebook- https://www.facebook.com/erin.garvey.509 !