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Easter Egg time!

Limited Edition Easter Warmer

Limited Edition Easter Warmer

I’m loving this new seasonal warmer- it will sell out well before Easter though, so please order now! Orders can be placed directly through the website (https://zonawickless.scentsy.co.uk/Scentsy/Buy/ProductDetails/DLW-EEGG-205) or by contacting me direct ( and avoiding the shipping fee!) via text/phone on 07779 427109!


Easter is just over a week away! It seem very early this year, but so did Mothers day, which fell on the same day as my birthday. I picked up some chocolate and other little things for my kids a few weeks ago, and I’m glad I had the prescence of mind to do so, I had no idea Easter was the first weekend in April this year and I’d be scrambling now!  Our Easter tradition seems to be to colour hard boiled eggs and then take them out to the woods or beach or another favourite place and have a few egg hunts and then a long walk. The kids love this, then we come home and have our big dinner and spend the evening picking at Easter chocolate or the chocolate bunny cake I make every year.

I love Easter, especially here in England, as it really does symbolize new life to me. The days are getting longer, the daffodils and magnolia in full bloom, lambs and calves scattered about the countryside and the rapeseed, like fields made of sunshine, coming into bloom and smelling wonderful.

If you’d like some special Easter gifts, or a little something for yourself to get you into the Spring spirit, here are some great Scentsy products that really evoke Springtime and Easter.

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To place an order, visit my website and select your products, then email me at zonawickless@gmail.com to let me know what you’d like.  Orders over £150 receive free shipping, and I always have a qualifying order about to go in that I’d be happy to include yours with.