Goodbye 2013

It’s that time of year again! Time to transition from our #Scentsy Spring and Summer to the Autumn and Winter season!!


We have some great new warmers and buddies available from 1st September, but before we can introduce them, we must find new loving homes for the products we’ve known and loved for a while now. To help with this transition, all stock is 10% off in the month of August and discontinued products will be available at 20% off from 1st September, if they are still around!!!

I’ll be showcasing our discontinued products throughout the month of August. Today we start with, from L-R, some favourite warmers that is it is sad to see go. Doodlebud, Key Lime and Heirloom. We are also saying goodbye to our range of baby buddies this year.  It’s a bit tearful, as these buddies in either their full size or baby versions have been part of my Scentsy journey since I started, and I love each one of them. They are, from L-R,  Baby Penny the Pig, Baby Ollie the Elephant, and Baby Mollie the Monkey.

Remember, in addition to being 10% off, each buddy comes with your choice of #Scentsy Scent pak, so your buddy is always exactly what you need.




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