Fragrance of the Week

Our featured Scentsy #fragrance this week is the delicious Lime & Kiwi Cantaloupe. Very much a summer cooler, with icy lime, juicy kiwi, and bright cantaloupe, Lime and Kiwi Cantaloupe is one of my absolute favourites of the spring/ summer fragrances. It is the perfect chilled #fragrance to fill your home with this summer, especially as the temperatures keep going up!

Lime & Kiwi Cantaloupe comes in a bar format with 8 breakaway segments, with each cube providing 8-10 hours of fragrance. That’s up to 80 hours of fragrance per bar! At only £5 a bar, that is far more econonomical than a jar candle! For even better value, choose 3 of your favourite Scentsy fragrance bars for only £14! Click here to start your fragrance journey with #Scentsy!

Refreshing citrus

Refreshing citrus


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