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Silk & Ivory

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No wick, no flame, no nasty toxins- just pure fragrance.
Silk & Ivory Scentsy Fragrance Bar
Daylight meets dusk: Fresh muguet and sweet sugar entwine dark chocolate and sandalwood in a delectable, grown-up fragrance.




Scentsy brings warmth and fragrance to your home in a variety of simple ways. Our full size warmers come in 25 different styles, such as Whirls, each with a long life LED light inside the warmer, to give off the candle glow, and a heating plate under the dish, which provides the gentle heat to melt the wax bar and release soot & toxin free fragrance into your home.

If you’d like to know more, or want to host a Scentsy party and earn free and half price goodies- contact me today at, or have a look at my website!