What can you achieve?


By joining my Scentsy team, you are opening yourself up to no end of achievements! Had a few confidence blows? Desperate for a new car or just trying to make ends meet every month? Do you want to make some new friends or just get out of the house?

Scentsy is all about you and what you can achieve. You don’t need to worry about having 500 parties in the first 5 minutes of joining or making a sales quota every month, like other direct sales companies. Scentsy lets you manage your business, in the way that works for you. Reach for the stars, or just enjoy the product and share it at the occasional event or home party. If you prefer, you don’t even have to leave the house, you can focus on building online sales and basket parties, which do the work for you! I had a baby 5 months ago, so not having to leave the house to build my business is a godsend as my hair is usually a tangled mess and more likely than not, there will be milk stains on my shirt!

starter kit'13 PM

Scentsy is a great corporate sponsor, committed to core values of simplicity, authenticity, and generosity. You couldn’t make a better choice.

Join me today!


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