I have to say that the new warmers in the Scentsy Autumn/Winter 2012 catalogue are beautiful, I’m really pleased that now that Scentsy has a better idea of what the UK market desires, a cull of the original warmers released in the UK has been made in order to offer these stunning designs.

It has been hard to pick a favourite out of this catalogue, Whoot wasn’t my first choice but it has grown on me so much since I first laid eyes on it that now it takes pride of place for me. In fact one of my other favourites is quite different, but just as fabulous. It’s Flare.

Flare Full-Size Scentsy Warmer
A bold burst of colour makes Flare’s classic design pop.

It’s vibrant and elegant- the perfect compliment to many of the colour themes people already use in their home. I’ve posted a few ideas on pinterest for how to incorporate the colour red into your home, around your Flare Scentsy warmer.

You can get your own Flare here, just right for your Autumn decorating, and the right colour to keep around for Christmas as well! Remember, by hosting a qualifying Scentsy home/basket or facebook party, you can get your Flare warmer free! Let me know if you’d like to have a go, parties are easy, fun and portable!


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