Scentsy Silhouette for the holidays!

So, Convention is done for another year. What an amazing time this has been, so many great experiences,brilliant speeches,invaluable training and of course- finding out our new line for Autumn/Winter 2012.

There are some super products and I cant wait to share them with you!! For now though, given my sheer level of exhaustion- I will share the new silhouette wraps!! Oh, they are to die for and I know you will love them!!!

A silhouette core warmer and wrap normally cost £40- but with 10% off in August you can get the core and one of the current beautiful wraps for £36!

Then, host a party in September and when your party orders hit £150, you can get one of the new wraps for free and another for half price!!!! Not to mention all the other little goodies you get for being a host!! Let me when you’d like your party and Ill be in touch to schedule it!!

In the meantime, choose your favourite new wraps and make a note of them- then we know exactly what were aiming for!! 🙂

joy to the world

Joy to the World





scentsy birds





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