Host your own Scentsy Party!!

Host a Scentsy Party

Host a Scentsy Party!

Hosting a Scentsy party is a ton of fun, and a great way of earning free or half price luxury products for your home or as gifts! You can have a party in your own home, or you choose for a basket or internet party.

Have a look at the benefits for hosting your own party!

It’s so simple. Your Host Rewards are based on the sales amount of product sold at your party, inclusive of VAT and exclusive of shipping charges that may apply. And don’t worry if everyone you’ve invited can’t make it—any orders you collect in advance still count toward your Host Rewards.

Just reference the chart below to see exactly what you can earn—then start making your Scentsy wish list!

Guest Sales             £ 150-249        £ 250-399         £ 400-999          £ 1000+
Free Product                  10%                      10%                  15%                 15%
Half-Price Items              1                           2                       3                      4

And it gets better! For every guest at your Scentsy Party who in turn books their own Scentsy Party, you receive one additional half-price item when you attend their party. It’s just our way of saying ‘thanks’.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • If guest orders at your Scentsy party total £ 500, you would earn £ 75 (15%) in FREE Scentsy products, as well as three items at half price.
  • If guest orders at your Scentsy Party total £ 300, you would earn £ 30 (10%) in FREE Scentsy products, as well as two items at half price.
  • If two guests at your Scentsy Party book their own Scentsy Parties and you attend them, you get two additional half-price items.

If you’d like to join my current hosts, who have averaged £600 a party, recruited nearly 20 new and excited party hosts and have earned £100’s worth of free Scentsy Warmers, please complete the form below to contact me and  arrange your perfect party!


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