Scentsy Layers

Layers by Scentsy lets you build a new fragrance wardrobe, layer by layer, from your skin to your clothes. Transform your morning shower from a necessity to something sublime. Elevate the laundry from a chore to an experience. Let your personal fragrance leave a trace with every movement. Pick your favorite scents, mix and match products, and envelop your life in fragrance.” –

With less than a week before the Scentsy convention in Leeds for UK consultants, I thought I would tell you about Layers, the collection of fragrances from Scentsy available as bath, body and laundry products, and what we consultants are hoping will be be announced as our new product line at convention! Since being introduced state side in Spring 2012, Layers has been a huge hit, and Scentsy has just released new products to add to the line. Here in the UK, we are slaves to new product lines and drool with anticipation, moan about how much more the US consultants have than we do and generally just ferevently hope we get our favourite new warmers, scents, and product lines over here as soon as possible! Layers is no exception. We have heard rave reviews and love love love the idea of being able to use our favorite Scentsy fragrances to do more than make our houses smell amazing, as fantastic as that by itself is! We want our bedsheets to smell amazing,  our skin to smell amazing, we want to pamper ourselves, too!

UK consultants are in a tizz speculating as to what new products Scentsy will release to us in the new catalogue- could a Layers line for the UK be there? How amazing would that be!

Personally I can’t wait to get to Convention and see whats on store for Autum/Winter 2012!!

Layers by Scentsy

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Find your favourite Layers product!

*Layers by Scentsy is not currently available in the UK


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