Scentsy Convention 2012!

Well, I am very excited this week! Scentsy have just announced the UK 2012 Convention Destination!  This will be my first time attending convention, but my wonderful Scentsy colleagues have been telling me all about how fab the 2011 convention was. I really can’t wait to see all my Scentsy friends again, to meet our amazing directors, Heidi and Orville Thompson and to take advantage of the fantastic training the company provides its consultants.

Getting on board as a Scentsy consultant has really been a great experience for me. There is no sense of competition between consultants, and those who have advanced are always happy to share any tips or tricks that have helped them, from you tube videos, to facebook messages, even midnight chats! Scentsy is all about coming together for the good of everyone. It is such a great company to work with.

The Scentsy convention this year is being held at Queens Hotel in Leeds. It’ll be a two day affair and won’t be all fun and games, there will be lots of workshops and training. At the end of the day there will be an evening meal to relax and mingle with Scentsy heads and other consultants, plus product giveaways and consultant recognition.

Convention starts the same day I finish a week long cognitive psychology residential school. So, I will be most looking forward to my bed in a Queens Hotel Superior Room after a week in, lets face it, less than superior student accomodation!

I have to admit, I have always been the type of person who starts new things with a lot of energy and motivation. But all that motivation tends to fizzle out after a few months, when reality has set in and things become harder than they seemed at the outset. Scentsy really goes the extra mile to help consultants feel motivated and energetic about their business all the time. After my first three months with Scentsy, I was starting to feel dejected and worried. It’s a new company and a new concept here in the UK, people don’t know anything about it and in this age of  constant in your face advertising, it can be hard for people to stop and take notice.  So, I was sure to attend the Scentsy World Tour in February and it was such a boost. Coming together with my fellow consultants from all over the UK to share success stories and moan about failures was so gratifying. Receiving great training and advice  from our Scentsy Coporate Leaders who are based in the states and really know whats working for stateside consultants, who have been at it for about 6 years longer than us, made me feel so equipped to go out there and make Scentsy a household name in the UK!

So, yeah, I’m really excited about Convention and I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and joined Scentsy rather than applying for yet another dead end job that I’d hate, just to make ends meet while I finished my degree.  If you’re interested in joining Scentsy and would like to attend convention to see what it’s all about, please contact me to find out how!

When was the last time you had a chance to spend a weekend at a four star hotel with your colleagues- and actually WANTED to?


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