Showcasing- The Cupcake Party order!

K was really excited to host her Scentsy party. She loves all things cupcake so, of course, the Scentsy cupcake warmer was on her must have list! The day of the party, I was stressed. I hadn’t been able to secure one of the brand new cupcake warmers to display at her party and I was having terrible “morning” sickness. Thinking I needed to eat something to get through the evening, I ate some pasta before leaving the house. What a mistake, not five minutes down the road I was very very sick, in the front seat of the car, with only an empty small McDonalds cup at my disposal!

Now running late, I had to return to the house to clean up and brush my teeth. By the time I got to K’s house, the guests had just started to trickle in.  Unfortunately I have not yet mastered party set up and it takes me a good 45 minutes to set up. By the time I was finished, there were about 25 people standing around her kitchen, chomping at the bit to get started! I brought everyone in and introduced myself, then excused myself to go and put some makeup on and get some air!  Thankfully I had put catalogues and samples on every chair so they could have a look through and chat about the product.

I was of course, mortified, but I think everyone understood and no one minded.  K’s day long baking efforts wre to thank for that, I wish I had taken some photos of her fabulous confectionary’s, cupcakes of every description, beautiful cakes, anything you can think of!  She is a born hostess, her guests had happy bellies and big smiles when they took their seats! Which probably also contributed to the nearly £800 worth of orders they placed that evening.

20 Scentsy Warmers, 46 Scentsy Fragrance Bars, and of course a Scentsy Buddy or 5 and a brand new Scentsy Travel Tin or 6!

Enjoy having a look at the items ordered at this wonderful cupcake party, and if you see something you must have, please email or phone me directly!


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