Party Time!

So, recently Ms. Angie (a fellow American living abroad) hosted a Scentsy party. She wanted to do things a little differently though, and asked if I’d be willing to come over around 8am on the day and set up my display. She’d have people in and out through out the day and then have me back over in the evening for the official party. Well, Scentsy is all about simplicity and fitting into people’s lives so of course I said no problem.

When I arrived in the evening, I discovered that over the course of the day Angie had made  just under £400 in sales. Everyone who had seen the product LOVED it and wanted it. I promptly congratulated her and praised her obvious natural ability. Over the next few hours we managed to sell a warmer to each person who came through the door. By that time, there were only three people left on her list of invitees, so we raised her total to nearly £500.

I had been sure to display out most popluar warmer, Jane, and that was the runaway winner, with the majority of the 16 warmers ordered that day being Jane.

At the end of the evening we went through all of Angie’s host rewards and she was over the moon to find out she had earned £124 worth of Scentsy product for only £42.00. That, my Scentsational friends, works out to TWO Tiara mid size warmers, SIX scent bars, and one each Jane and Doodlebud Full Size Warmer. She will now have a Scentsy warmer in every room in her house! In addition to this amazing haul, two of her friends signed up to host their own parties and Angie knows exactly which products she’ll be claiming with her half price perpetual party awards, at their parties!

Angie did a wonderful job and when she summed up her day with these words “I just spent the day talking to my friends and having a laugh”, I knew that she epitomized the perfect Scentsy consultant and I invited her to join our team. The verdict is still out on that, but in the mean time, I’d like to share with you the orders placed at Angies party. Scentsy is an American product, but has universal appeal and is catching on fast and furious here in the UK. It’s a special product, run by a truly special company and I’m glad to be part of it. Enjoy.


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