Showcasing- Sarah’s first order!

I met Sarah at a Christmas fair and invited her to host a party. She agreed. On the night she had a great turn out and I have to admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed. From the moment I arrived, everyone was excited about Scentsy and crowded around my display, sniffing scents, chatting to each other and asking me questions.  I was so busy, I didn’t even have a chance to do a proper presentation. It was a really fun evening. I hadn’t invited anyone to host a party while I was there, so I was very pleased when a few of the guests contacted me themselves to host parties. *phew!*  Parties are the lifeblood of my business and this oversight by me was very silly.

Sarah has lovely decor in her home and I was really eager to see which warmer she would choose. By the end of the evening she had chosen the Fizz warmer, which I thought was simply perfect! She decided on six scents to go with it, Enchanted Mist, Cinnamon Bear, Black Ruby, Honey Pear Cider,My Dear Watson, and Mediterranean Spa. As the party host she  was able to use her host rewards to get her Fizz Warmer for half price and a Mollie the Monkey Scentsy Buddy for free, a gift for her daughter. Six Scentsy bars, a full size warmer and a Scentsy Buddy would normally cost £83.00. Sarah spent less than £40!

I know Sarah has her eye on the new Scentsy Cupcake Warmer, and since she’ll be attending her friends party, she’ll be entitled to our perpetual party reward, meaning she’ll get that warmer for half price, only £12.50.  If you’d like to take advantage of Scentsy great host benefits, contact me today to schedule your own party!

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