Black Raspberry Vanilla

I recently ordered a bar of Black Raspberry Vanilla. It is one of our best sellers so I thought it would be nice to warm it at fairs and such. I like it a lot, too. So, I have been warming it at home as well. It really is lovely and I like to have it in my Rosso scentsy warmer, beside my bed. I warm it over night as I have been having periods recently of waking up in the night, and it seems to help me get back to sleep.

Something I discovered this week, which just makes me love Scentsy all the more, is that I can gently warm the wax just to the point where it gets soft and then I can use my hand to pull it out of the warming plate. I just roll it into a ball and put it back in the pack. The wax comes away clean, with no residue or leftover smell, so I can pop another scent right in if I like! There is no residue or wax left on my hands, either!

Scentsy have recently announced a new line to their stateside range and I am so excited about it, I can’t wait until they launch it here in the UK. It includes Scentsy Layers, a line of bath and body delights AND my favorite, dryer discs + scentsified washing liquid to put in with your washing clothes.

They have also announced a completely seperate product called Velata, which is an amazing fondue set! It has a silicone warming plate which can go from fridge, to microwave, to dishwasher with no hassle! The silicone keeps the super yummy belgian chocolate from scorching or solidifying so it really is just a simple way to enjoy fondue with your family or friends! I cant wait to get one, my kids will LOVE it!

And if you like moonpig, ( I am an addict!) you will love the Scentsy range of greeting cards range, it will work the same way as moonpig, with credits, and each card is infused with scent from a special scent square. It is amazing, no scratch and sniff and you can even smell it through the envelope.

Scentsy is truly amazing and I love all the amazing things coming to us in the future.

More immediate and relevant to the UK though is the Spring/Summer 2012 catalogue which will be released on March 1st. I, personally, can’t wait to see the new scents and Scentsy warmers which will be released and to share them with all of you!!

2012 is going to be an amazing year with Scentsy! January started it off with double hostess credits, and February is going to be 10% off everything, except multi- packs! Stay tuned for more information!

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