Forbes loves Scentsy, too!!!

Scentsy in the media again!! Such great comments from Forbes magazine and Scentsy has a spectacular future ahead. Now is the time to get on board in the UK and become a Scentsy Consultant!

February is the perfect time to become a Scentsy consultant! It costs only £100 to join, and Scentsy will send out your starter kit. A starter kit contains all 80 Scentsy scents in tester form, PLUS, in February, you get the addition scents that are coming in for the Spring/Summer season! You also get a full size warmer, an adorable Scentsy Buddy plus catalogues, brochures and five full size Scentsy wax bars as well as your own personalized website hosted by Scentsy!

Scentsy offers loads of support in house, but the amazing consultant facebook groups that exist are worth their weight in gold as they are full of information and support from other consultants, are a great place to toss ideas around, get feedback and even have a moan!

It’s everything you need to start your business and sink your teeth into a new, worthwhile challenge!!! Contact me to get started today!


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