I’ve lived in the UK for seven years and I’ve seen most everything! From King Arthurs castle, perched on the rocky cliffs of Cornwall, to the white cliffs of Dover. The Lake district and Peak district, London and Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Loch Ness. Bath, Bristol, Brighton and Bordon. But, I havent been to Birmingham! That’s about to change, though, because the Scentsy 2012 World Tour is in Birmingham!! And I’m going to be there!!

I love having my own business,bringing the Scentsy alternative to the UK. Yet, if you don’t have motivation and drive, you start to feel a bit stagnent, as if you arent really going anywhere. I suppose that’s my biggest complaint about office jobs. Eventually, you get so good at what you do, you get bored out of your skull, and that’s when you stop caring very much about it, you lose your motivation to even get out of bed in the morning!

Oh, but Scentsy is just so much better than that! My job is so varied everyday! I can spend the day writing blog posts if I like, or contacting fair organisers to reserve a stall. Yesterday, my biggest work related challenge was picking out my favorite fabric to use as my tablecloth at fairs. My friend Charlotte went with me and we were spoiled for choice. Did we like the beatiful bright purple satin with sequins? Or maybe the shiny black satin with sequins stood out more? Oh, wait- LOOK! That one has stars all over it!!! When we settled for the black and the lady was cutting it for me, she wanted to know what it was that I did. So, I told her about Scentsy!!

In return, she told me how before Christmas she’d gone to a candle party and spent £80 on lovely mirrored candle structure for her mother. But, then the wax had spilt over everything and ruined her mothers handbag!!! You can imagine she was thrilled to get her mother such a lovely gift and then you can imagine how she felt when that gift turned into a nightmare.

She was so unhappy and I felt awful for her. That simply wouldn’t happen with Scentsy, plus you get a great quality, beautiful product, and divine scented waxes for £45. There is never any need to spend a lot of money with Scentsy, and you know that you are getting a high quality product which you will love. Scentsy is simple. No silly tealights or mirrors or structures! No worrying about dripping wax, singed hair, burnt fingers, blackened walls!

I left her a Scentsy brochure, and was so glad to have given her a choice. An alternative to being fleeced for an inferior product that left her feeling burned.

Scentsy lets me do that, on my terms, in whatever way works for me. I can’t wait to go along to the world tour in February and meet the wonderful people behind the Scentsy name, and learn even more about Scentsy. I know I will go away feeling rejuvenated, re energised and motivated to keep taking my business from strength to strength.

It sure beats sitting in a cramped cubicle day after day, hating every minute of it and dreaming of a beach! With Scentsy, you at least know that if you do your job well enough, you get to go to the beach, and it will cost your practically nothing. Or you get an all inclusive trip to Las Vegas, on the companys dime!

Join Scentsy today, come with me on this great adventure!


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