Scentsy is Scentsational!

Scentsy is brand new to the UK, so some people are still a bit unsure about trading up from their normal candles. I understand that, but Scentsy is AMAZING!

  • NO flame!
  • NO wick!
  • NO ugly soot!
  • NO unsightly jars!
  • NO lead!
  • NO mess!
  • NO  fiddly tealights!
  • NO worry!
Scentsy Warmers
Scentsy are electric warmers. Beautiful and simple to use!  Best of all, you never have to worry about using your scents because of the cost of buying new ones, like you might with jar candles. You get a beautiful warmer you’ll be proud to show off anywhere in your home, and because the Scent Bars are only £5 and can last up to 100 hours, you never have to worry about using them!!

Can it get any better?  YEP!  Unlike with regular jar candles, you can CHANGE your scent anytime you like!!  So simple- you just warm your current wax, then pour it back into its packaging. Wipe out the scent plate and pop a new scent in!   You can do this as many times as you like until the scent has finally dissipated completely from the wax.

Scentsy truly is SCENTSATIONAL!!

host a home party

Do you know what’s even better?  Scentsy is a direct sales, party plan company. That means, you get to be part of the Scentsy Revolution!  By hosting a scentsy party, in one of four different ways, you can help get the word out about Scentsy AND you get free Scentsy! And half price Scentsy!  And, in January, DOUBLE half price Scentsy! Seriously.

Parties can be done online through facebook or skype, in your own home, via post, or you can choose a portable basket party, which you take with you on the go! So Simple!

Ok, it definetly doesn’t get better than that!

scentsy consultant

Or… does it?  Scentsy is NEW to the UK. That means there are very few (less than 500 UK wide) Scentsy consultants here. That means there is plenty of room for YOU! For less than £100 you can start your own scentsy business, earning a 20% commission, which gets higher as you progress through the ranks,  and working for yourself! Scentsy is based on simplicity, and having a Scentsy business is super simple, super easy. With awesome incentives and TRUE potential for a six figure salary!

Does it take hard work? Oh, yeah. Is it easy? Nope. It is a new challenge for you to throw yourself into. To sink your teeth into and see how it finally feels to be free of office politics and unappreciative employers. Best of all, you can do this in a way that fits into your life! You can put two hours into it in the morning, then take a nap, eat lunch, take the little ones to the park and put in more time as it fits throughout the day!

Or, if you already love your job, just to have that little bit extra money each month, so your daughter can finally take riding lessons, or your son can have that drum set, or YOU can get your hair done at the expensive salon every 6 weeks.

Ok, now it can’t get any better than that! Right? WRONG!

scentsy scentsy

Yep. Vegas.  Scentsy Consultants are currently working towards an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. Now, I don’t know about you, but I could barely get my last employer to give me a season ticket loan to cover my train commute!

All Expenses Paid. Las Vegas.

Yeah! Talk about Scentsational!

If you want to be part of Scentsy, whether as a customer, host or consultant- let me know today!!


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