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My eleven year old daughter is quite an apt pupil and it’s a good thing, too. She plans to be a doctor when she grows up so she will need a good study/work ethic.

Occasionally, though I am surprised at what she chooses to study. Rarely is it her Science or Math work, (but thankfully she needs little extra time on these!) often it is things that would seem of little or interest to an eleven year old girl.

Like… Scentsy catalogues. The other morning I came downstairs and saw she was already up, and instead of watching kids tv, reading a book, getting ready for school, playing a game or any of a million other expected activities, she had been copying out one of my catalogues.

Even Scentsy homework is a lot of fun!

I have to say how pleasantly surprised I am at how seriously my kids have taken our new business venture. I thought they would consider is a chore, and would complain about it and not want to be involved. On the contrary, they have enjoyed learning about Scentsy and getting their hands on the product, testing all the scents, picking their favourites and trying to learn them by smell. They talk about Scentsy at school and bring catalogues to their interested teachers. They happily help me with events and seeing my daughter going to this small effort, on her own with no prompting or hinting from me, is so fulfilling for me. I could never share a regular job with my kids like this, and I love how it’s giving us another dimension to our family.

Having my own business isn’t easy, but I’m so glad I chose to join with Scentsy and I can’t wait to see where the future takes my family and I!

Junique Craft and Gift Show

My husband and I went along to the Junique craft and gift fair in the New Forest on Sunday to promote Scentsy. What a lovely day, as usual. We love all the different stall holders there! From handmade scarves and jewellery to well being products, home made fudge, cards, dvd’s, home decor, handbags and lovely knick knacks!

I thought I would share some pictures! If you live in the New Forest area, please consider coming along the Lyndhurst Community centre for the fair, it really is lovely and there are such wonderful products!

Hope to see you there, soon!

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Black Raspberry Vanilla

I recently ordered a bar of Black Raspberry Vanilla. It is one of our best sellers so I thought it would be nice to warm it at fairs and such. I like it a lot, too. So, I have been warming it at home as well. It really is lovely and I like to have it in my Rosso scentsy warmer, beside my bed. I warm it over night as I have been having periods recently of waking up in the night, and it seems to help me get back to sleep.

Something I discovered this week, which just makes me love Scentsy all the more, is that I can gently warm the wax just to the point where it gets soft and then I can use my hand to pull it out of the warming plate. I just roll it into a ball and put it back in the pack. The wax comes away clean, with no residue or leftover smell, so I can pop another scent right in if I like! There is no residue or wax left on my hands, either!

Scentsy have recently announced a new line to their stateside range and I am so excited about it, I can’t wait until they launch it here in the UK. It includes Scentsy Layers, a line of bath and body delights AND my favorite, dryer discs + scentsified washing liquid to put in with your washing clothes.

They have also announced a completely seperate product called Velata, which is an amazing fondue set! It has a silicone warming plate which can go from fridge, to microwave, to dishwasher with no hassle! The silicone keeps the super yummy belgian chocolate from scorching or solidifying so it really is just a simple way to enjoy fondue with your family or friends! I cant wait to get one, my kids will LOVE it!

And if you like moonpig, ( I am an addict!) you will love the Scentsy range of greeting cards range, it will work the same way as moonpig, with credits, and each card is infused with scent from a special scent square. It is amazing, no scratch and sniff and you can even smell it through the envelope.

Scentsy is truly amazing and I love all the amazing things coming to us in the future.

More immediate and relevant to the UK though is the Spring/Summer 2012 catalogue which will be released on March 1st. I, personally, can’t wait to see the new scents and Scentsy warmers which will be released and to share them with all of you!!

2012 is going to be an amazing year with Scentsy! January started it off with double hostess credits, and February is going to be 10% off everything, except multi- packs! Stay tuned for more information!

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Forbes loves Scentsy, too!!!

Scentsy in the media again!! Such great comments from Forbes magazine and Scentsy has a spectacular future ahead. Now is the time to get on board in the UK and become a Scentsy Consultant!

February is the perfect time to become a Scentsy consultant! It costs only £100 to join, and Scentsy will send out your starter kit. A starter kit contains all 80 Scentsy scents in tester form, PLUS, in February, you get the addition scents that are coming in for the Spring/Summer season! You also get a full size warmer, an adorable Scentsy Buddy plus catalogues, brochures and five full size Scentsy wax bars as well as your own personalized website hosted by Scentsy!

Scentsy offers loads of support in house, but the amazing consultant facebook groups that exist are worth their weight in gold as they are full of information and support from other consultants, are a great place to toss ideas around, get feedback and even have a moan!

It’s everything you need to start your business and sink your teeth into a new, worthwhile challenge!!! Contact me to get started today!


I’ve lived in the UK for seven years and I’ve seen most everything! From King Arthurs castle, perched on the rocky cliffs of Cornwall, to the white cliffs of Dover. The Lake district and Peak district, London and Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Loch Ness. Bath, Bristol, Brighton and Bordon. But, I havent been to Birmingham! That’s about to change, though, because the Scentsy 2012 World Tour is in Birmingham!! And I’m going to be there!!

I love having my own business,bringing the Scentsy alternative to the UK. Yet, if you don’t have motivation and drive, you start to feel a bit stagnent, as if you arent really going anywhere. I suppose that’s my biggest complaint about office jobs. Eventually, you get so good at what you do, you get bored out of your skull, and that’s when you stop caring very much about it, you lose your motivation to even get out of bed in the morning!

Oh, but Scentsy is just so much better than that! My job is so varied everyday! I can spend the day writing blog posts if I like, or contacting fair organisers to reserve a stall. Yesterday, my biggest work related challenge was picking out my favorite fabric to use as my tablecloth at fairs. My friend Charlotte went with me and we were spoiled for choice. Did we like the beatiful bright purple satin with sequins? Or maybe the shiny black satin with sequins stood out more? Oh, wait- LOOK! That one has stars all over it!!! When we settled for the black and the lady was cutting it for me, she wanted to know what it was that I did. So, I told her about Scentsy!!

In return, she told me how before Christmas she’d gone to a candle party and spent £80 on lovely mirrored candle structure for her mother. But, then the wax had spilt over everything and ruined her mothers handbag!!! You can imagine she was thrilled to get her mother such a lovely gift and then you can imagine how she felt when that gift turned into a nightmare.

She was so unhappy and I felt awful for her. That simply wouldn’t happen with Scentsy, plus you get a great quality, beautiful product, and divine scented waxes for £45. There is never any need to spend a lot of money with Scentsy, and you know that you are getting a high quality product which you will love. Scentsy is simple. No silly tealights or mirrors or structures! No worrying about dripping wax, singed hair, burnt fingers, blackened walls!

I left her a Scentsy brochure, and was so glad to have given her a choice. An alternative to being fleeced for an inferior product that left her feeling burned.

Scentsy lets me do that, on my terms, in whatever way works for me. I can’t wait to go along to the world tour in February and meet the wonderful people behind the Scentsy name, and learn even more about Scentsy. I know I will go away feeling rejuvenated, re energised and motivated to keep taking my business from strength to strength.

It sure beats sitting in a cramped cubicle day after day, hating every minute of it and dreaming of a beach! With Scentsy, you at least know that if you do your job well enough, you get to go to the beach, and it will cost your practically nothing. Or you get an all inclusive trip to Las Vegas, on the companys dime!

Join Scentsy today, come with me on this great adventure!

Family Comes First.

A lot of companies say they are family friendly. Let’s be honest, none of them are. At the end of the day, you still have to be at work by 8 and can’t leave until 5. If you’re late a certain number of times they sack you, and if you need a day off for whatever reason, you need to ask permission. Your needs, and your familys needs, never come first.

Do you know that women who go back to work full time after maternity leave often spend the majority of their wage on childcare for their infant? This is disastrous for a family that must have two incomes to survive. In fact, it makes very little sense for new mothers to even consider going back to work in their childrens first five years, due to the price of childcare. New mothers in this situation, who make the decision to stay home with their child, face the stress and fear of not having enough money to live on. Despite knowing it makes sense economically, and that it is better for her and her children.

Women are put between a rock and a hard place. We can either have prosperous careers, or we can have families. Gone are the days when the decision was made for us, based on our genitalia, but still to come are the days where choosing to have a family doesnt also mean choosing to live in poverty.

We can change that and. How? By running our own businesses. The easiest way to do that is to find a product you love and sign on with the company who produces it to direct market it. Signing on as a direct sales consultant costs almost nothing and your corporate partner provides you with everything you need to get started, high quality advertising material, product to use and show, training and support. Then you run your business around your life. The only commuting you need to do in the morning is to your kitchen for a cuppa, then back to your computer to write up a blog post, put in an order, or schedule some fairs.

Direct Marketing starts with a product. A good product, one that people want to use and want to buy. As direct marketing relies on word of mouth and consultants to sell it, and not expensive ad campaigns or hight street footfall, it needs a lot of people to get involved. So your job is two fold, sell the product and recruit others to sell it.

The best thing is that you arent limited to the traditional direct sells giants like Avon. Nowadays almost anything you can get on the high street can be found through a direct consultant. Chocolate? Yep. Makeup. Linen. Organizational items. Anything.

There is nothing stopping you from having your own business, running it the way you want and making a good income to support your family. Join Scentsy as an independent consultant today. You’ll be among the very first in the UK, and you’ll have the backing of a company that is already proven in the US and Canada.

Start taking control of your future now. For less than a £100, you can start your own business with Scentsy. , with a proven, high quality product that is in demand. JOIN me.

Here is what the media is saying about Scentsy:

Scentsy is a rapidly growing company ranked number 85 out of the 5000 fastest growing companies in America. It uses independent sales consultants, parties, catalogues, basket parties and the internet to get its products to the market. From 2007-2010, Scentsy grew by 2,904% with revenue growing from $12.7million in 2007 to $381.8 million in 2010.

Scentsy Party!

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