Showcasing- Debbies First Order!!

Debbie came along to the Junique Craft Fair in the New Forest in early December. She was my first fair customer. I thought when she first came up to the table that she’d love Scentsy, but then, I think that about everyone!

Thankfully I was right this time, she really did love Scentsy!  She spent about 10 minutes at the table, sniffing all the testers, looking for the perfect one. She knew what she wanted scent wise and luckily I had lots of of her favorite on hand, cinnamon. From our Christmas scents to our cafe scents, there was bound to be something perfect for her. She chose two, Cinnamon Bear (For any American readers, this wonderful scents smells just like Red Hots!)  and Pumpkin Roll.

Debbie browsed the catalogue for her warmer and as soon as she laid eyes on it,  knew  the Boho Chic Scentsy Warmer was the one for her. I’m glad she chose it, too, as it really is perfect for her!

If you’d like a Scentsy warmer for yourself please let me know!

Remember, a full size Scentsy warmer and three Scentsy Scent Bars are great value at only £44!  The scents bars will last up to 240 hours and your Scentsy warmer will be a long lasting and attractive addition to your home decor!

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