HOST a Party!

Scentsy parties are already a load of fun! With 80 different scents to test and compare, great company to chat with and a Scentsy catalogue stuffed with brilliant warmers for your home for you to sit back and browse.

But that’s not all. For a Scentsy party host, it’s even better! The host of a Scentsy party where the orders exceed £150, receives a FREE item worth 10% of the party total AND a half price product!  A host can order herself a Scentsy warmer plus three delightful wax bars for £44 and when her party total hits the magic £150 total, she can also treat herself or a friend to one Scentsy product for FREE and another for half price.   That’s a Scentsy warmer for your home, a free Scentsy fragrance (for party totals of £180 or more) for a friend and a Scentsy Buddy for your favorite child, or as a gift to your local hospitals childrens ward, for less than £60. Your three scent bars are reuseable and will last up to 240 hours, your friends fragrance will last her a year, and the Scentsy buddy is so beautiful and well made, it will be a life long friend.

Now, I know that’s enough to get you to want to host your own party, but if you host a PARTY this January you will get DOUBLE half price products. So, maybe you get yourself a perfume as well, you can’t beat it for £9!

If you live in the Hampshire area and would like to host a Scentsy party, please contact me!





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