Showcasing- T’s first Scentsy order!

I met T’s two lovely children first. It was the highpoint of a day I had spent at a local fair, poorly advertised and even more poorly attended, sitting next to a drafty door, fighting a losing battle to lure people away from the various tables of inexpensive second hand items that surrounded my table lovely Scentsy Warmers. There had also been a surplus of the people who come over and happily smell a Scentsy tester, only to loudly exclaim and jump back a mile, as if the scent invading their nostrils was not the luscious blend of loganberry, strawberry, peppermint, and zesty cinnamon, but instead something more closely related to dead fish and rotting eggs.

T’s little ones came over near the end of the fair as the other stall holders, who were fed up with the lack of foot traffic,were packing up. I was determined to stick it out to the bitter end, though and still had all my testers out. Happy Birthday was the scent for her daughter, while her son fell in love with My Dear Watson. They also were very fond of each Scentsy Buddy. They went through and sniffed each tester exclaiming positively about each one!  I had just one little sample of My Dear Watson left and seeing how enthralled her little boy was with it, I happily sent him away with it and a catalogue for their mother.

A few days later I had an email from T, inviting me to have a Scentsy party in her home, to coincide with a business event she was hosting the same evening. I happily accepted.

What a lovely evening with lovely ladies. I was informed not long after my arrival that T’s (six year old) son had put his sample of My Dear Watson into one of his shoes, and had worn it that way ever since the fair!

Everyone loved Scentsy and we all had fun passing the testers around. Of course, having memorised most of the testers by scent and/or colour, I promptly became flustered and forgot them all! Oh, well. Just another reason to spend an evening sniffing my Scentsy testers and I won’t complain about that!

T and the kids’ grandmother each ordered a buddy for T’s little ones for Christmas, and she was so delighted with the Doodlebud Scensty Warmer that she ordered it and three scents to go with it!  As the host of the party she also got a free item and chose a multipack of Scent bars, three more bars for free!  She of course made sure to get a bar of My Dear Watson just for her little boy.

Here is T’s order, enjoy! If anything catches your eye, please let me know and I’ll be happy to place an order for you, giving you 1/2 price shipping!

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