It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Oh, what fun- It really does feel like Christmas around here this week! On Monday  Fed Ex turned up unexpectedly with a lovely, big, Waitrose cheese plate. I won it in an online competition but they hadnt notified me so I’d forgotten all about it. What a nice surprise.

Tuesday, while I was waiting for the UPS guy with my Scentsy order, the post man turned up with an Amazon box, again unexpected, and I believe it is an extra Christmas present for my junior executives, from my mom overseas. Yey!

While I was waiting at home for UPS, my family went Christmas tree shopping and managed to find a lovely real tree marked down from £35 to £8, in an effort to clear the lot!  Our lucky day!  While they were bringing the tree in, my UPS guy turned up with a huge box full of Scentsy Warmers and a Scentsy Buddy or two!

I want to show you everything in the box, but as they will be part of customer showcases  later on, I’ll have to just tease you with the two mini warmers I bought for my stock, both 1/2 price using the 1/2 price credit my host chose not to take advantage of and my own consultant credit! I was cutting it close to the wire when entering the order as I needed to have it in time for Christmas shipping, so I completey forgot I had planned to buy my two youngest kids a Scentsy buddy each for Christmas! Oops. Oh, well. They will make perfect birthday presents in the new year.

Before I leave you with those warmers- just a quick heads up!  Scentsy are offering DOUBLE 1/2 price credits to party hosts in January!  That means if your party total meets or exceeds £150, you get one FREE item and TWO 1/2 price items!!! So, you could order TWO Scentsy Buddies for the price of one! Or TWO full size warmers for the price of one!  If you’re on the South Coast (of Britain!), live within an hour of say, Winchester, and want to host a Scentsy party please let me know!

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