Showcasing- Carla’s 1st Scentsy order!

Carla lives nearby, her daughter and mine attended the same junior school and played on the Netball team for ages but moved to different schools this year. Imagine our surprise when we moved this summer and Carla and her family turned up on our doorstep to welcome us to the neighbourhood! Seeing a friendly face was so nice, especially as the move had been fraught with strife!

Carla came along to my Scentsy party in November and she loved the Scentsy Warmers so much, she ordered hers that very night!  I’ve since had a number of orders and decided to showcase them on the blog so you can see what people in my area are ordering.

Carla opted for our most popular full size warmer, Jane.  It features scrolling, wrought-iron details which frame Jane’s romantic glowing window, set in an Edwardian-inspired column. As the perfect accompaniment to her warmer she chose the lovely White Sands scentsy bar.  It is absolutely lovely!  She knew it was going to be a little wait for the warmer so she has no idea I’ll be delivering it today- I can’t wait to see her face!

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