Just Breathe relief

I have been fighting a cold this week. A particularly yucky one, as well. I shouldn’t be to annoyed, it is tradition after all, someone always gets sick the week of Christmas, and really, I’m grateful it’s me. Husbands tend to retire to their death beds when they get a cold and children have to be waited on hand and foot. At least I know I can just get on with things!

Before yesterday I hadn’t really gotten on with Just Breathe, a scent bar in Scentsy’s Spa range. It is described as  soothing eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and medley of mints. The combination can be very strong!

But I found it was the perfect thing for my bunged up nose, far from the usual effect of driving me out of the room, I was pleased to be able to smell it faintly, as it pushed it’s way through my sinuses, opening them up and letting me breath. I’ve had it going for nearly 24 hours straight now in my Delta Scentsy Warmer and it has made such a difference.

I find something new to love about Scentsy every day, it seems!


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