Christmas Decorating Ideas 2012

My favourite part of Christmas shopping comes after Christmas.  I don’t mean the January Sales, no, I’m perfectly content to avoid those like the plague. I prefer the reductions shops do in an effort to get rid of all the Christmassy merchandise in preparation for January and getting all the Easter stuff in.

Every year I stock up on Christmas home decor for next to nothing and pack it away, looking forward to the following December when I will unpack all the Christmas boxes,  and happily rediscover these new decorations!

This year I am ordering a special “Prancer” Christmas Scentsy Warmer to take pride of place amongst next years Christmas decorations.  As a precursor to the January sales of the high street, I am inviting you to do the same, and save £5 on any holiday warmer/scent bar combination!  We have lots of lovely Christmas warmers and scents to choose from so your bound to find the perfect combination!

To take advantage of this deal,  you must contact me with your order directly via phone or email and you’ll also get 1/2 price shipping!

Here are some of our holiday wickless warmers and scents for you to choose from! Full size warmers are £30 and Scent bars are £5. By ordering before January 1st, you get the scent bar free!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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