The Beacon

I recently participated in a table top sale at The Beacon Community Church. It was a lovely day with lots of interest in Scentsy Warmers and in addition to meeting Havant mayor Ken Smith and his lovely wife I was able to tell lots of people about Scentsy and schedule two Scentsy parties for the new year!

What really blew me away though was the amazing staff of this church. They give their time and energy to helping those in the area who are less fortunate. While we were busy at the table top sale talking to people about our products, the church staff were packing hampers of food to give away to those in need over Christmas. I was fortunate to help deliver one of these hampers after the sale had ended and it was so heartwarming to see the time and effort that had gone into preparing it. It was stuffed so that the lid didn’t even fit onto it, with some  items specially wrapped for Christmas. The family who received it was very grateful for it.

It seems so often that our religious groups and government leaders get so caught up in their own silly agendas that they forget what is important. It is refreshing to know that there are still some groups devoted to community and helping those in need within it.

Our family has decided that from now on, as part of our weekly shop, we will purchase at least one extra item to donate to the Beacon Food Bank.  They offer food hampers all  year round, but Christmas time is when they provide the most assistance and their supplies dwindle to nothing. Please search out your local community food banks and see what you can do to help support the less fortunate in your area.


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