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Showcasing- Debbies First Order!!

Debbie came along to the Junique Craft Fair in the New Forest in early December. She was my first fair customer. I thought when she first came up to the table that she’d love Scentsy, but then, I think that about everyone!

Thankfully I was right this time, she really did love Scentsy!  She spent about 10 minutes at the table, sniffing all the testers, looking for the perfect one. She knew what she wanted scent wise and luckily I had lots of of her favorite on hand, cinnamon. From our Christmas scents to our cafe scents, there was bound to be something perfect for her. She chose two, Cinnamon Bear (For any American readers, this wonderful scents smells just like Red Hots!)  and Pumpkin Roll.

Debbie browsed the catalogue for her warmer and as soon as she laid eyes on it,  knew  the Boho Chic Scentsy Warmer was the one for her. I’m glad she chose it, too, as it really is perfect for her!

If you’d like a Scentsy warmer for yourself please let me know!

Remember, a full size Scentsy warmer and three Scentsy Scent Bars are great value at only £44!  The scents bars will last up to 240 hours and your Scentsy warmer will be a long lasting and attractive addition to your home decor!

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HOST a Party!

Scentsy parties are already a load of fun! With 80 different scents to test and compare, great company to chat with and a Scentsy catalogue stuffed with brilliant warmers for your home for you to sit back and browse.

But that’s not all. For a Scentsy party host, it’s even better! The host of a Scentsy party where the orders exceed £150, receives a FREE item worth 10% of the party total AND a half price product!  A host can order herself a Scentsy warmer plus three delightful wax bars for £44 and when her party total hits the magic £150 total, she can also treat herself or a friend to one Scentsy product for FREE and another for half price.   That’s a Scentsy warmer for your home, a free Scentsy fragrance (for party totals of £180 or more) for a friend and a Scentsy Buddy for your favorite child, or as a gift to your local hospitals childrens ward, for less than £60. Your three scent bars are reuseable and will last up to 240 hours, your friends fragrance will last her a year, and the Scentsy buddy is so beautiful and well made, it will be a life long friend.

Now, I know that’s enough to get you to want to host your own party, but if you host a PARTY this January you will get DOUBLE half price products. So, maybe you get yourself a perfume as well, you can’t beat it for £9!

If you live in the Hampshire area and would like to host a Scentsy party, please contact me!




Showcasing- T’s first Scentsy order!

I met T’s two lovely children first. It was the highpoint of a day I had spent at a local fair, poorly advertised and even more poorly attended, sitting next to a drafty door, fighting a losing battle to lure people away from the various tables of inexpensive second hand items that surrounded my table lovely Scentsy Warmers. There had also been a surplus of the people who come over and happily smell a Scentsy tester, only to loudly exclaim and jump back a mile, as if the scent invading their nostrils was not the luscious blend of loganberry, strawberry, peppermint, and zesty cinnamon, but instead something more closely related to dead fish and rotting eggs.

T’s little ones came over near the end of the fair as the other stall holders, who were fed up with the lack of foot traffic,were packing up. I was determined to stick it out to the bitter end, though and still had all my testers out. Happy Birthday was the scent for her daughter, while her son fell in love with My Dear Watson. They also were very fond of each Scentsy Buddy. They went through and sniffed each tester exclaiming positively about each one!  I had just one little sample of My Dear Watson left and seeing how enthralled her little boy was with it, I happily sent him away with it and a catalogue for their mother.

A few days later I had an email from T, inviting me to have a Scentsy party in her home, to coincide with a business event she was hosting the same evening. I happily accepted.

What a lovely evening with lovely ladies. I was informed not long after my arrival that T’s (six year old) son had put his sample of My Dear Watson into one of his shoes, and had worn it that way ever since the fair!

Everyone loved Scentsy and we all had fun passing the testers around. Of course, having memorised most of the testers by scent and/or colour, I promptly became flustered and forgot them all! Oh, well. Just another reason to spend an evening sniffing my Scentsy testers and I won’t complain about that!

T and the kids’ grandmother each ordered a buddy for T’s little ones for Christmas, and she was so delighted with the Doodlebud Scensty Warmer that she ordered it and three scents to go with it!  As the host of the party she also got a free item and chose a multipack of Scent bars, three more bars for free!  She of course made sure to get a bar of My Dear Watson just for her little boy.

Here is T’s order, enjoy! If anything catches your eye, please let me know and I’ll be happy to place an order for you, giving you 1/2 price shipping!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Oh, what fun- It really does feel like Christmas around here this week! On Monday  Fed Ex turned up unexpectedly with a lovely, big, Waitrose cheese plate. I won it in an online competition but they hadnt notified me so I’d forgotten all about it. What a nice surprise.

Tuesday, while I was waiting for the UPS guy with my Scentsy order, the post man turned up with an Amazon box, again unexpected, and I believe it is an extra Christmas present for my junior executives, from my mom overseas. Yey!

While I was waiting at home for UPS, my family went Christmas tree shopping and managed to find a lovely real tree marked down from £35 to £8, in an effort to clear the lot!  Our lucky day!  While they were bringing the tree in, my UPS guy turned up with a huge box full of Scentsy Warmers and a Scentsy Buddy or two!

I want to show you everything in the box, but as they will be part of customer showcases  later on, I’ll have to just tease you with the two mini warmers I bought for my stock, both 1/2 price using the 1/2 price credit my host chose not to take advantage of and my own consultant credit! I was cutting it close to the wire when entering the order as I needed to have it in time for Christmas shipping, so I completey forgot I had planned to buy my two youngest kids a Scentsy buddy each for Christmas! Oops. Oh, well. They will make perfect birthday presents in the new year.

Before I leave you with those warmers- just a quick heads up!  Scentsy are offering DOUBLE 1/2 price credits to party hosts in January!  That means if your party total meets or exceeds £150, you get one FREE item and TWO 1/2 price items!!! So, you could order TWO Scentsy Buddies for the price of one! Or TWO full size warmers for the price of one!  If you’re on the South Coast (of Britain!), live within an hour of say, Winchester, and want to host a Scentsy party please let me know!

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Showcasing- Carla’s 1st Scentsy order!

Carla lives nearby, her daughter and mine attended the same junior school and played on the Netball team for ages but moved to different schools this year. Imagine our surprise when we moved this summer and Carla and her family turned up on our doorstep to welcome us to the neighbourhood! Seeing a friendly face was so nice, especially as the move had been fraught with strife!

Carla came along to my Scentsy party in November and she loved the Scentsy Warmers so much, she ordered hers that very night!  I’ve since had a number of orders and decided to showcase them on the blog so you can see what people in my area are ordering.

Carla opted for our most popular full size warmer, Jane.  It features scrolling, wrought-iron details which frame Jane’s romantic glowing window, set in an Edwardian-inspired column. As the perfect accompaniment to her warmer she chose the lovely White Sands scentsy bar.  It is absolutely lovely!  She knew it was going to be a little wait for the warmer so she has no idea I’ll be delivering it today- I can’t wait to see her face!

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Just Breathe relief

I have been fighting a cold this week. A particularly yucky one, as well. I shouldn’t be to annoyed, it is tradition after all, someone always gets sick the week of Christmas, and really, I’m grateful it’s me. Husbands tend to retire to their death beds when they get a cold and children have to be waited on hand and foot. At least I know I can just get on with things!

Before yesterday I hadn’t really gotten on with Just Breathe, a scent bar in Scentsy’s Spa range. It is described as  soothing eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and medley of mints. The combination can be very strong!

But I found it was the perfect thing for my bunged up nose, far from the usual effect of driving me out of the room, I was pleased to be able to smell it faintly, as it pushed it’s way through my sinuses, opening them up and letting me breath. I’ve had it going for nearly 24 hours straight now in my Delta Scentsy Warmer and it has made such a difference.

I find something new to love about Scentsy every day, it seems!


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Christmas Decorating Ideas 2012

My favourite part of Christmas shopping comes after Christmas.  I don’t mean the January Sales, no, I’m perfectly content to avoid those like the plague. I prefer the reductions shops do in an effort to get rid of all the Christmassy merchandise in preparation for January and getting all the Easter stuff in.

Every year I stock up on Christmas home decor for next to nothing and pack it away, looking forward to the following December when I will unpack all the Christmas boxes,  and happily rediscover these new decorations!

This year I am ordering a special “Prancer” Christmas Scentsy Warmer to take pride of place amongst next years Christmas decorations.  As a precursor to the January sales of the high street, I am inviting you to do the same, and save £5 on any holiday warmer/scent bar combination!  We have lots of lovely Christmas warmers and scents to choose from so your bound to find the perfect combination!

To take advantage of this deal,  you must contact me with your order directly via phone or email and you’ll also get 1/2 price shipping!

Here are some of our holiday wickless warmers and scents for you to choose from! Full size warmers are £30 and Scent bars are £5. By ordering before January 1st, you get the scent bar free!

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